Vehicle donations to benefit Veterans Village!

From left to right: Roy Houston (Las Vegas Print Solutions), Arnold Stalk (Veterans Village) and Michael Levin (Titan Towing).

From left to right: Roy Houston (Las Vegas Print Solutions), Arnold Stalk (Veterans Village) and Michael Levin (Titan Towing).

We are consistently amazed by the support that our organization and our veteran residents receive…  On Aug. 28th Veterans Village was given another amazing gift.

We’ve partnered up with Titan Towing, a Las Vegas-based towing company, to create a program that will pick up donated junk vehicles from any location in the Las Vegas area at no cost to the donor. The proceeds from the sale of vehicles will benefit Veterans Village and the first car was donated this week.

A few words from our amazing supporters…

Roy Houston, Las Vegas Print Solutions.

Roy Houston, Las Vegas Print Solutions.

“Veterans Village needed to start this program and we were happy to help and support. It’s a great organization and they do great deeds for the community and veterans. If we can help in any way, we’re really happy to do that.”

– Roy Houston, Las Vegas Print Solutions owner and first vehicle donor

Michael Levin, Titan Towing.

Michael Levin, Titan Towing.

“I made it a priority for Titan Towing to create this type of project with non-profit organizations. I know that our veterans need all the necessary help they can get. People can donate their cars for this cause and we can pick up the automobiles for free. I hope this program will be a huge success.”
-Michael Levin, sales manager for Titan Towing

We invite you to donate your running or non-running vehicle with clear titles. In some cases, registered owners can submit a “bill of sale” form if their title is lost and Titan Towing will handle all the DMV paperwork regarding donated vehicles.

If you’d like to donate a vehicle, please call Titan Towing at 702-333-8697.

We greatly appreciate all the support to our organization!


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Furniture donations needed for Veterans Village Thrift Store!

final furniture picSince the opening of our Veterans Village Thrift Store, we’ve been fortunate to receive furniture donations from businesses and the community in general. We’ve noticed that these items sell very well at our store. That’s why we’re asking the community to continue to donate gently used furniture to our thrift store.

Requested furniture items include…

  • Dinning sets
  • Bedroom sets
  • Tables
  • Dressers
  • Book shelves

If you’re moving or remodeling your house and need to donate some of your furniture, feel free to call our thrift store at 702-822-1233 and we can pick it up for you! It usually takes up to one day to schedule the trip.

Quick note: We do not accept linen and mattresses. Also, gently used furniture is always preferred.

We greatly appreciate your furniture donations as the proceeds help and support our veteran residents at Veterans Village!


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Emergency donations needed from community for Veterans Village!

VV water bottlesServing and supporting our veteran residents is our top priority at Veterans Village. Our facility is the only 24/7 provider that is open throughout the valley that serves veterans and the general public. More than 5,000 bottles of water have been distributed from Veterans Village to veterans and the community during the 2013 summer season.

Our supplies are currently running low and stocking the pantry is very important during the remainder of the hot summer season and the upcoming holidays. We’re asking our community to support us with donations of water and non-perishable items for our pantry to distribute to veterans and those who seek our help. We won’t turn away anyone who needs our help.

We also welcome monetary donations.  A contribution of $20.13, for example, will feed a family of four during the holiday season.

We invite our community to bring donations of water and/or food directly to the Veterans Village facility, located at 1150 South Las Vegas Blvd. Donations may also be dropped off at the Veterans Village Thrift Store, located at 6029 W Charleston Blvd. during the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Many thanks for supporting our organization with your kind donations!


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SHARE Humanitarian of the Month: Dawn Gibbons!

Dawn Gibbons

Dawn Gibbons

We are always amazed by people who go ‘above and beyond’ to assist our community… As a way to show our appreciation, SHARE (the non-profit org that operates Veterans Village), honors individuals on a monthly basis who contribute to the greater good of our organization.

Dawn Gibbons was selected as the “SHARE Humanitarian of the Month” for August. Dawn has assisted SHARE with various projects over the past several years.

Some of her contributions include:

·         Willow Glen Mobile Home Park renovation with Commissioner

·         Variety Early Learning Center Lorenzi Park

·          Veterans Village makeover events

Dawn never hesitates to help us which has resulted in the procurement of over 3,000 volunteers over the past two years.

With immense gratitude, we honor Dawn Gibbons as our “SHARE Humanitarian of the Month” for volunteering to help our organization’s mission! We greatly appreciate your support Dawn!


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Highlights from the Veterans Village “Extreme Makeover Day!”

What an amazing project! It was great to see the volunteers from ChoiceCenter Leadership University LV 130 and the community donating their time for the “Extreme Makeover Day” at Veterans Village. We are so grateful to them all for making this possible!

A few reflections from some of the volunteers…

Pasha Esfandiary

Pasha Esfandiary

“This project is about giving back. One of our goals at ChoiceCenter is to focus on the community. We’re giving back to a great organization and to the veterans who gave us our freedoms. This is the first time that we’ve done community work with Veterans Village and I’m sure we will be doing more here.”
-Pasha Esfandiary – ChoiceCenter coach LV 130

Matt Newberry

Matt Newberry

“We started about 90 days ago on our leadership training which includes creating change in the world and becoming a source of transformation. Once we decided to help Veterans Village, we made it our goal to raise funds for services offered at Veterans Village. Making a difference in this organization is amazing and exciting because our veterans sacrifice so much for our freedoms. Being a source for them is incredible and it feels great to make this happen.”
-Matt Newberry – Operations Head of LV 130 at Choice Center

Aura Truelove

Aura Truelove

“It feels amazing to be part of this project. Giving back is incredible, as well as having the opportunity to organize this project and work as a team. It is also great to support Veterans Village and to give back to the people who’ve served us. This is a way to show our appreciation to them.”
-Aura Truelove – Legacy Project Captain with LV 130

Thanks ChoiceCenter Leadership University for making a difference for our organization and veteran residents!


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Veterans Village quote of note: Casey Webb

Casey Webb

Casey Webb

“I think Veterans Village is an important place for our heroes because our veterans risk their lives to defend our country.”

-Casey Webb, Veterans Village volunteer

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Veterans Village to benefit from makeover from ChoiceCenter!

VV logo for social mediaThe community support we continue to receive at Veterans Village is incredible. We were recently contacted by Corrine Clement, COO of ChoiceCenter Leadership University in Las Vegas. She expressed her interest in adopting our organization with the mission to provide a large amount of support in a small amount of time.

ChoiceCenter, a leadership training and coaching facility founded in 1998 in Las Vegas, has committed to support Veterans Village through a “Choice Veterans Village Makeover Day” at the Veterans Village site on July 13 from 9am to 1pm. The event will include 50 volunteers from ChoiceCenter.

We’re also asking the community to pitch in and help us supply the following materials for our makeover day event:

  • Cleaning and storage supplies
  • Trash cans
  • Wall-mounted soap dispenser
  • Cabinets with locks
  • Basic medical supplies (bands-aids, blood pressure cuffs, etc.)

If you’d like to help in this effort please contact us at Veterans Village: (702) 624-5792

We greatly appreciate the support from ChoiceCenter Leadership University as the organization joins our quest to better serve those who’ve fought for our freedom: our U.S. veterans.


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First teen to become involved with Veterans Village!

Casey Webb

Casey Webb

Making a difference in the community has become an important part of my life and I’ve been trying to find ways to become more involved. I talked it over with my mom – Judy Lynn Schuler – and she searched online but came up empty.  Until she showed me an article about Veterans Village  in the Las Vegas Review Journal, I learned that the organization is a place for homeless Veterans to provide temporary housing and other services that they may need during their crisis.

I was immediately very excited about this organization, but there was one challenge: I am only 15 years old. My mom called Arnold Stalk at Veterans Village to let him know about my willingness to help. Soon after, I helped to create the “Teens for Veterans Village” program and became the first teenager to be in this organization.

We are still in the planning phase but the goal is to raise funds to help Veterans Village and make a positive impact in the lives of those who’ve defended our freedoms. We are currently planning a fundraiser with World’s Finest Chocolate® and we’re even designing our own chocolate wrapper!

I think Veterans Village is an important place for our heroes because our veterans risk their lives to defend our country. There are so many homeless veterans and they deserve a nice place to live! I invite other teens and community members to join our Teens for Veterans Village program!

Please check out the Veterans Village website and our Facebook page for updates on this exciting project!

-Casey Webb

Orchestra Major at Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts

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Veterans Village offering emergency assistance during hot weather

llageThe temperature in southern Nevada is soaring and proper hydration is a must. Our mission is to help veterans stay hydrated, as well as additional individuals who need our assistance.

 Veterans Village is open 24/7 and we won’t turn away anyone who needs our help. We’re inviting the community to pitch in and bring donations of water and/or food to provide relief to veterans and families from the heat at our Veterans Village facility, located at 1150 South Las Vegas Blvd. We will also provide water to visitors of our Veterans Village Thrift Store, located at 6029 W Charleston Blvd.

Please don’t hesitate to call me at (702) 624-5792 if you have questions or if you’d like to make water and/or food donation!

Thank you!


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Jewish War Veterans to assist veterans through Veterans Village

Les Sherman (left) and Steve Seiden (right) from Jewish War Veterans

Les Sherman (left) and Steve Seiden (right) from Jewish War Veterans

Our mission is simple – to end homelessness among U.S. Veterans. The Kline Homeless Veterans Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works in close cooperation with the Veterans Administration and other friendly organizations, such as Veterans Village, and is dedicated to providing a warm and safe refuge for homeless veterans and their families.

At Jewish War Veterans Post 64 NV (JWV), we believe that private and public partnerships are important to help us offer more services to our veterans. After we heard about Veterans Village and its mission, we believed the organization presented a better lifestyle for veterans and their families who need help. Veterans Village offers services and amenities including employment opportunities, housing and medical and mental health services.

The Edward Kline Memorial Homeless Veterans Fund runs a program to help find housing for homeless veterans and families. Currently, the program is offered for male veterans only. Through working with Veterans Village, this program would be expanded and offered to women and families as well.

We have been operating this program for several years and we currently assist nine veterans at a time over a period of 7-10 days, which equals approximately 30 veterans per month. In essence, we provide transitional housing for the veterans to get started with Veterans Administration. Our goal, with Veterans Village, is to expand the program to assist up to 60 veterans at a time.

We look forward to working with Veterans Village and the benefits our veterans will gain from this wonderful partnership.

-Steve Seiden

President, Kline Fund

Commander of Jewish War Veterans Post 64

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